CV Series Check Valves Application manufactured with 316L SS material providing face seal connections male and female VCR style connectionsHigh Purity Check Valves CV Series Check Valves Application Conservative panel space

CV Series Check Valves

Critical Specifications
Size 1/4" 3/8" & 1/2"
CV Value 0.55 0.7
Max. Working Pressure 3000psi
Nominal Reseal Pressure 4psi
Nominal Cracking Pressure 2psi
Max. Working Tempeurature 14°F to 176°F (-10°C to 80°C)
External Leakage Allowance (He) ≤1x10-9
  Test Pressure ≤1x10-2 Torr
  Holding Time ≥ 1 min.
Particle Inspection (EP only) No Count
  Pressure: 60-80psi N2 Gas
  Sample Volume: 1 CFM
  0.1 μm and larger


  • 316L SS body material, for improved corrosion resistance.
  • All-welded design provides reliable containment of system fluid.
  • Conservative panel space.
  •  Noise free operations.
  • Assembled and packaged in certified clean room.

Product Grade:

Grade Non EP EP
Surface Finish ≤10 Ra ≤5 Ra
Polishing Machined Finish Electropolished Finish


Body 316 L SS / 316 L SS Double Melt
Seal Ring FPM/Neoprene
Spring Hastelloy C-22

Ordering Information:

Material Size Connection Grade
S 316L SS 4 1/4" MFS Male Face Seal Blank Non EP
D 316L SS Double Melt 8 1/2" FFS Feale Face Seal E Electropolished

Example Ordering Number:


CV = Valve Series = UHP Check Valve

S = Material = 316L SS

4 = Connection Size = 1/4"

MFS = Connection Type = Male Face Seal

E = Finish Grade= Electropolished